Friday, May 30, 2008

A little run in with a tornado....

One reason why I like Utah, NO TORNADOES!! (Except for that weird one that came into Utah like 8 years ago...) About a week and a half ago we were having some pretty bad weather. It rained so hard, not as hard or as much as Texas rain, there is nothing like Texas rain!! But anyway, pretty bad rain. I was watching tv and a little weather warning was down in the corner of the screen and I saw it but didn't think much of it. Then the news came on and the started telling people in Foulton County (which is the county next to us) to make preparations for a tornado potentially coming their way. So I started to get a little nervous, and at this point Kristina (sister-in-law) is with me and we are just glued to the tv. And sure enough 3 minutes later they announce that its coming straight towards North Atlanta! We were so scared!! Then on the tv they show a live picture of a funnel cloud forming into a tornado right next to I-285. It took a minute to register cause this funnel cloud was enormous. And I thought I-285 is about 4 minutes down the street, so we poke our heads out my balcony window and we saw it!!! It was crazy! And I started taking some pics with my cell phone, and then I noticed about 10 other people doing the same thing on their balcony's! But luckily the winds were so strong it blew it out fast so there wasn't any serious damage around us, except for some trees being knocked down. But it was pretty intense, thats the closest I ever want to be to a tornado!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

My little dog....

I'm always taking pictures of Bruce on my camera phone and I finally uploaded them to my computer and I thought I'd post some of those pics, even though they aren't the best quality you can still see how stinkin cute my little dog is!!!

I love these ones of Jadi and Bruce sleeping!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A little update...

Well, we have been here in Atlanta for a month now. It seems like we have been here forever already! The weather here still isn't very warm. There have been a few tornadoes in the areas around us, but nothing too close, but it does make me a little nervous!
Jadi has been super busy getting the office and the guys up and running. There have been a few mishaps but things are looking good. Jadi is such a dedicated hard worker, him and the office are doing awesome!
I have been keeping myself busy with projects I wanted to work on. Kristina (sister-in-law) and I have plans to do lots of projects like, painting or scrapbooking, mostly crafty things to keep us busy.
So things are good and moving along. I'm just excited for the warm weather to come so I can get a nice tan! So this was a stupid post about nothing but I thought I'd give an update, and I'm sick of looking at those pictures from my last post....

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Humble Abode....

So these are pictures of our apartments. I know I have been slacking on posting these pics but our internet still isn't working that great. So here they are... but first here is a pic of Jadi and me!

This is the entry. The dinning room and the Kitchen are on the left (not pictured)

Dinning Room (This is where we have the computer so its messy looking with cords and stuff all over the ground.)

The Kitchen. I LOVE the floor!!

More kitchen

I love the little window things on each side of the kitchen.

Family Room



Hallway in our room leading to the bathroom, door on the right is the closet.(We have another bedroom in the apt. that is exactly like this on other side of family room)

So there ya have it!