Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm FINALLY updating my blog!!!!

Well I have alot to catch up on.....
So the summer in Georgia ended really good. Jadi's office did great! The last 2 weeks of the summer they went to Texas to sell and I stayed in Georgia for a week by myself and my dad and sister came out to Georgia to drive me back home. After Jadi was finished in Texas he went to Missouri for the extended season.
The day after I got home I started a new job. I am working with the Special Needs students at Orem Jr. High. I love it so much!! The teacher I worked with at Riverton High school started teaching at Orem this year and asked me if I wanted to come work with her again and I was so happy to accept the job! So I have been really busy the last month getting my house back together and working everyday. But its so great to be home!! Jadi came back after a week in Missouri and stayed in Utah for another week and while he was home my parents bought us some trees for our yard and so we planted our first trees at our house, it was so fun!! But now he's in Colorado working. Busy, busy, busy are the three words to describe him! But he'll be home for good and be working in Utah the end of this month and I can't wait!!!
Also on August 25th I became an aunt!! Jadi's brother Marcel and his wife Kristina had the sweetest baby boy, Cohen Marcel Leao! He is so amazing and I love being an Aunt!
I have a billion pictures to post and it drives me nuts that my blog isn't updated all the time so I am going to be keeping up from now about whats going on in our lives!!!