Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Whole Year!!

I cannot believe our little baby isn't a baby anymore and has turned ONE! The last year flew by. Sawyer is the most entertaining little guy ever! He amazes me everyday!
We had a little party with family for him the weekend before his actual Birthday. It was so much fun. Sawyer LOVED every second.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So life around here this summer has been alot different. Jadi is still working out in Alabama and I am here with Sawyer in Utah. It has been pretty challenging at times being a "single mom" for the summer, but Jadi is working SO hard and it will all be worth it when its over. 8 weeks left, give or take. I tell my self "I can do it...I can do it." Hopefully I can.
Sawyer has been changing SO MUCH! I cant belive he is 9 MONTHS old! He is quite the little guy too.
He weighs 19.9, 29 1/2 inched long. He has 6 1/2 teeth!! He loves to "walk" around. He holds on to anything he can reach so he can. He is a dare devil child. He just plows through everything and anything to get to where he wants or to get what he wants! He does stand up and balance without holding on and 2 days ago while he was balancing he took 2 STEPS!! Ahh, what?! Is he really about to start walking!? That 8 weeks better go by fast if he is, or I'll have quite the handful! He is so curious and interested in just about everything. He LOVES music of any kind and immediately starts dancing if he hears it! So cute!
He loves to make animal sounds, Roaring like a lion is his favorite, but he also does, a dog, cow, owl and a kitty.
He LOVES our dog Bruce, and I think Bruce is his favorite word to say :)
Sawyer definatley keeps me busy and entertained! Here are some pictures of some recent things:

Friday, June 18, 2010

A little Sawyer Update...

Sawyer is 8 months old!! He is so much fun, I just play and laugh with him all day long. Being a mom is definatley the best job in the world!
So he's hit a couple milestones the last month or so...
*He has the two cuttest bottom teeth, with more on their way in.
*He is crawling and he moves like a bolt of lightening! He is so so fast!!
*He says Dad,Mom and funniest of all Bruce, or Booce! He loves our dog and its hilarious to hear him say his name!
*He pulls himself up on anything he can reach and is really good and sitting back down, that took some practicing :) While he's standing he'll walk around while carefully holding on!
*He decided to climb our stairs the other day too (I was right behind him) He climbed all the way to the top!
Seriously they grow a hundred miles a minute overnight!!!
Things he likes...
*Animals, loves my parents cats and Bruce or any animal he sees
*Loves to stare at himself in mirrors or just about anything he can see his reflection in. I have a vain child!
*Loves to read books. He does this the most all day.
*He also loves to play with paper cups, weirdy!
*Loves making a huge mess while he eats, I dont like this so much :)
So next month he has his 9 month check up, and I will get his growth stats. He is just growing, growing, growing and its the most fun ever!

Monday, May 24, 2010

We went to Mississippi to visit Jadi and these two could not have been more happy to see eachother!! More pics to come...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Update with Pictures....




Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sawyer Update...

Sawyer is 4 months old now and I can hardly believe it! He has grown so much and is becoming quite the little person! I haven't ever put up his stats before but I thought I would do his 4 month stuff. So...
Weight: 14 lbs 12 oz 50th percentile
Head: 75th percentile. That would be his dads fault!!!
Height: 26 inches. 95th percentile. He's really tall which makes buying clothes for him kinda hard cause he's so long but he's skinny!
Also at the doctors visit we discovered a tooth coming in! 4 months old and he's getting teeth?! Where did my little baby go??
Some other things...
*he's rolling over
*he "talks" SO much all day long, love it!
*he growls! So funny!
*he LOVES his dad, they are already the best of buds!! He sqeals in delight whenever he sees him!
*he loves listening to people talk
*he knows he's cute cause everytime you tell him he smiles :)
*he is ALWAYS so happy, he smiles and laughs so much
He has been such a good baby, always happy and making us happy and love him more and more everyday! He will be eating rice cereal in 2 weeks! Time is not my friend these days. My little baby doesn't feel so little any more but he is still amazing and perfect to us!

This is an older picture. More updated pics to come soon...