Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cancun, Mexico!!!

These pictures below are pictures of the hallway
outside our room in the hotel! It was so pretty. The 2nd picture is
kinda dark but Jadi is peeking through the vines. :)

The pool area outside

The sand down on the beach was super sticky and Jadi and I
got into a little sand fight! Sand was every where, in our ears, mouths,
hair, nose, anywhere you could think of!! It was hilarious, we couldn't stop
laughing! It was miserable trying to get it all off though.
We had sand coming out of our ears and hair for days after!

There are pictures of me covered in sand too but they aren't
uploaded yet. I only wanted to bring disposable cameras so
I still have a couple more pictures to add.

One of the swimming pools at the Hotel. Thats Jadi's
head sticking out of the water!

So, I do still have some more pictures of our fun trip. But these will just have to do for now....(Maddie!!) It was such a fun and relaxing and much needed vacation. Thanks to Jadi for working so hard all summer long with APX we were able to go. Your the BEST Jadi!!!