Saturday, August 11, 2007

About Us

Since we have been married we have lived in 6 different apartments, and 3 different states! It's been quite a wild ride! In February 2006 Jadi decided to start working with APX Alarm Systems, its a company that sells alarm systems door to door. We moved out of our apartment in Provo, into my parents house in Bluffdale and then 4 weeks later we drove 26 hours to Chicago, Il. We lived in Illinois for 5 months. It was a real learning experience for both of us being out in Illinois. When we got back to Utah we moved to Alpine. In October Jadi decided we should go another summer with APX, and that he was going to manage an office! So that brings us to where we are our 6th apartment we are living in Fort Worth, Texas. Jadi is working extremely hard and so far his hard work is paying off. I'll be heading home here at the end of the month, but Jadi will continue working until the end of September in Houston, managing the extended season. We have had some amazing experiences and have had some great opportunites come our way. It's been a crazy and exciting time for us. We are both really anxious for the season to be over so we can hang out and least until next summer...I wonder where out 7th apartment will be?!!